Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Once you’ve purchased your property, it's important to protect it

There’s plenty of options for insurance and the cover(s) you want to take out will depend on your personal circumstances and property you purchase.

The most common types of insurance include;

Home/Contents Insurance - protect what's inside my home

Insurance that covers damages to your property for events such as like theft, fire and storms. This type of insurance can have specialised coverage for owner occupiers, investors and renters.

Income Protection Insurance - protect my income if I'm unable to work

This type of insurance protects your regular income if you’re unable to work because of an illness or injured.

Mortgage Protection Insurance - protect my mortgage if an unforeseeable event occurs

This type of insurance will assist you with paying off your loan if an unforeseeable event happens. This event can also protect other debts such as personal loans.

Building Insurance - protect the structure of my property

This type of insurance will cover the cost of damages to the structure of your building.

Get FREE home and contents insurance for 30 days.

Loan Market can organise FREE home and contents insurance for 30 days or one month’s FREE landlord insurance. Many of the lenders we work with have insurance products. If you want to get more from your insurance and spend less time researching all the different options, speak to your Loan Market broker today.

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