home loans

home loans

I assist a whole range of different people in all different situations to obtain home loans that are best suited for their situation. As a Mortgage Broker I don’t have any loyalty to a specific lender or bank - I am only interested in recommending loan options tailored to my clients needs.

Major Banks
Everybody knows the big four (CBA, ANZ, NAB, Westpac) have the biggest market share for home loans but you be would surprised the amount of difference in policy between each of the banks. The big four offer the most flexible loans on the market but due to the increased scrutiny on credit reports it is important not to rack up too many credit enquiries by trying to get approval too many times. I am able to understand your situation and recommend a home loan that will give you a better chance of approval.

Major banks provide a large branch network across the country but as a result you pay for this service in bank fees. If you choose a major bank for your home loan it is important to understand all the fees associated and if choosing a major bank is right for you to reach your financial goals.

Non-bank Lenders
Non-bank Lenders and even online applications are becoming more and more visible to the consumers. At times this may be a suitable option and can be very attractive due to the pricing and fees structure. Unfortunately for a lot of clients this isn’t always the best option due to the loan products not being flexible and also can be very difficult to obtain finance in a timely manner, which could result in other fees if you are completing a purchase, and have settlement deadlines.

Once again being a mortgage broker with so many different lenders on my panel, I can offer advice early on to determine if a non-bank lender is a suitable option for your situation.

End to End Process
If you choose to obtain your home loan through me I am able to make the whole process smoother due to my ability to give so much time to each of my clients which helps me truly understand what you need out of a home loan. The earlier you get in contact with me the easier I can make the process for you, I can determine what documentation is required from the start and also determine if a pre-approval is required.

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